Status update: What is the current status of the project?

Dear SYNERGY-enthusiasts,

more than a year passed by since the SYNERGY project started. Therefore, we want to provide you with the latest news regarding the project, and the outputs developed.

  1. One of the first Intellectual Outputs to be developed were the National Audit Reports (field-based), and the National Research Reports (desk-based). these have been created by all partners, with exception of our technical partners. Furthermore, the findings of the national reports have been comprised to a Summary Audit Report, and a Summary Research Report. The Summary Reports can be downloaded here: German, English.
  2. A major aim of the project is to engage micro-enterprise owners and their employees to exchange information, knowledge, and learning materials on the SYNERGY Exchange platform. To safeguard the quality of the learning materials that are exchanged, we created a Pedgogic Strategy that outlines the necessary knowledge and skills, and we furthermore created an Induction to Pedagogy programme. The Induction to Pedagogy is to understand as a curriculum that addresses the learning needs outlined in the Pedagogic Strategy. The learning contents of the Induction to Pedagogy are conveyed by using videos that will be available in all languages, and they are accessible via the Exchange platform as well. Currently, only the videos are not complete yet, but we are progressing well, and plan to have them done by February. The Pedagogic Strategy can be downloaded HERE, and the Induction to Pedagogy can be downloaded HERE.
  3. The consortium agreed to have a common structure that lays behind the so called Mini-Learning-Format Resources (MLFR). MLFR are essentially the resources that are shared on the Exchange platform, and they are furthermore the basis for the resources related to the Induction to Pedagogy. You are invited to have a look on the structure HERE.
  4. The SYNERGY Exchange platform is recently available in a work-in-progress status, but the progress is great and we are keen to have the platform finished soon. You can access the platform via
  5. We are not only collaborating with micro-enterprise owners, but VET professionals as well. One of the projects aim is to provide them with a Train-the-Trainer curriculum that leads to a QQI Level 6 awarding. This curriculum covers certain vital topics related to the creation of good training programmes that are bespoke to the target groups needs. A first version of this curriculum is finished, and it is currently in the finalization-process so that we can proudly present it, and the corresponding learner handbooks in February when the training event takes place.

We really got things done, and we are optimistic that we will have created great outcomes and impact at the end of the project. We will keep you informed regarding the further progress.

Kind regards,
your SYNERGY project team.

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