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SYNERGY Exchange fully loaded

Dear interested reader,

As you know we started early in the project duration with the conceptualization of an Online Platform that brings MEOs and VETs together, to exchange information, knowledge, and experiences. We decided to name this platform SYNERGY Exchange (click here to get referred).

The work on the platform is finished now, and we can proudly present you the following functions:

  • MEOs and VETs can create their own account – for free, of course.
  • You can create, join, and interact within groups which are called Micro Social Networks. Here, you can decide whether any person can join the group or if there is a restricted access (e.g. invite only).
  • Authors can upload their learning resources on the website, to circulate them there within their networks or to share them with any person registered on the website.
  • The users can access a suite of several dozens of learning resources. For free!
  • Users can exchange within the networks using forums.

Feel free to create your own account on the platform, and please do not hesitate to contact us if you encounter any problems.

All the best,
your SYNERGY team

Resources available for download

Dear SYNERGY followers,

the projects progress is astonishing. Particularly in the last quarter of the project we had a lot of achievements. On of these achievements is, that all Train-the-Trainer Materials are available for download now. Here, we want to provide you with the corresponding links:

SYNERGY Learner Workbook
SYNERGY Tutor Manual
SYNERGY TTT Curriculum

Of course, all materials are free to use and it is totally up to you how you make use of them.
We are looking forward to receive your feedback, and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

All the best,